Bulkhead #7 – Reinforcement’s

1-6Bulkhead #7 is in essence a ring frame with hull side, deck, cabin side and cabin roof frame sections. These frame sections provide structural support to the hull, deck and cabin panels. Additional epoxy / E-glass laminates are applied to the plywood bulkhead to provide the required reinforcement for the loads. A web floor section below the sole provides support for the Ballast Keel and is heavily reinforced. Triangular pieces on the Side Frame sections provide support for Settee and Pilot berths, as well as being the sides for the storage lockers located below the berths.

First the assembled bulkhead is positioned on a Flat Table which ensures the laminated bulkhead remains flat. The Flat Table also provides a handy storage for the large plywood sheets. The entire bulkhead surface is sanded, with particular attention to the puzzle join, to ensure there are no prominent or rough protrusions that could effect the laminate. The  plastic bottles are filled with lead scrapings and are used to hold the bulkhead flat in areas where there is a slight tendency to bow.


An epoxy resin seal coat is applied and allowed to partly cure before reinforcement layers are applied.


While the seal coat cures the E-glass reinforcements are cut.


First is the plain weave interface ply.


This is followed by a +-45 double bias stitched fabric and then the unidirectional tapes are applied.

1-7Finally a peel ply is applied and the laminate allowed to cure before trimming.

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