TC Debbie, Black Mould, Fore cabin

Interior view 2

Hamilton Island saw some incredible 100 knot winds with the arrival of  TC Debbie last week.

TC Debbie
Sail World Australia

Fortunately my shed is almost 1400km South of Hamilton Island and apart from a lot of rain and damp, no damage.

goggle maps

A bit of trench digging kept the water run off level below the shed floor and kept it relatively dry.


And a liberal rubdown with oxalic acid to get rid of the black mould on uncoated plywood panels resulting from the damp.

In between the rain showers the internal panels were sheathed with a single 200gsm plain weave Eglass cloth in epoxy resin. This layer will keep the plywood dry and protect it. Tropical timber is naturally decay resistant, birch from Finland has little immunity and the sooner all plywood panels are protected the better. Sealing the panels will also prevent warping.


My main objective was to finish the fore cabin panels.


The anchor locker is located under the sole at the aft end of the cabin.  Spot the lunch pick!  The black water tank will be located in the bilge area immediately aft. Then three fresh water integral tanks under the saloon sole.


One day the fore cabin may look a bit like this


At the moment there is only a slight resemblance


Moving aft in to the heads area, we have a bucket, almost done.


According to the redline concept mark-up the heads will be big enough, just.

arrange redline

Interior view

Back to work…





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