At last some planks

First three planks glued in position, at last.


I extended the jig to get a strong secure mounting for stem and stern post.


Temporary battens at 1/3 and 2/3 midsection girth to check planking run. The batten nearest to the keelson kicks up at fore and aft. The runs seem easy with my 36 x 19 mm strip planks. The original design calls for planks 120 x 32mm which would have been a challenge!


Final shaping of the keelson


Then drill the ballast keel bolt holes.


Then clean up bulkheads and prepare for planking.


A trial dry fit of planking.


Then final checks to ensure bulkheads are straight.

And after a number of trials planking is fitted to starboard side using finger clamps and stainless steel brads.




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