Farewell – Tot Ziens

Two weeks before leaving my Dutch friends said they wanted to do the Hull Outer Skin Laminate before leaving. As time was tight we made job list AND a daily hit list.  It seemed to be just about possible, we should at least get one half done, if not both sides, depending on the weather. The first week would be fairing and preparation. In theory (my best guess!) 148 hours estimated, with four of working we would have 160 available (40 hours per person), excluding unplanned work which should never be underestimated!


At the end of the week we were very pleased to see the end of dust and sanding. Item 9 rebates for skin fittings was rescheduled to later.

Nick setup the Wet-out Machine (impregnator). Apart from a good clean and new battery for the counter (liner meters) it ran perfectly despite being in storage for many years. Whilst possible to use the Boatspeed Custom Preg process for a very accurate controlled fibre ratio with this machine, I decided this level of accuracy was not necessary and we set for nominal 50% fibre ratio, which we monitored by weighing each roll as it came off the machine.


Meanwhile the Port Hull Side has been given a good resin seal coat at about 80g per square meter.


There are 5 plies to the Outer Skin, also patches for the Chain Plate reinforcements.

  • Plain Weave 200gsm interface/impact protection  layer
  • Two unidirectional layers at 90 degrees to planking to provide hoop strength (integral ribs).
  • A double bias layer at plus / minus 45 degrees for torsional strenght
  • A plain weave finish/impact protection layer

The hull was divided into drops and half girths measured for the run list.

run list

Approximately 40 kg of resin was mixed, all carefully weighed, mixed  and recorded by Bryony , my daughter.


After wetting out and weighing to check fibre ratio, the laminate could be rolled out on the wet resin coated planking. Then carefully checking correct overlap and squeegeed flat removing air bubbles and creases. Then finally trimming excess.

And finally peel ply is applied to finish the laminate ready for final filling and fairing.

Starboard side still to be laminated.


I calculated 76kg for each side of the outer skin laminate. The actual weight was 84kg. I had neglected to include the centreline overlap join (150mm) on stem and sternpost adding almost a square meter (3.8kg), also the 400GSM unidirectional was actually 415gsm an additional 1.2kg. And I had not included the Chain Plate Patches. So 84kg is acceptable even if my estimate is a little light.

Each drop took about 15 minutes. Laminating duration of 26 hours and 143 man hours.

The total build hours now about 2000.

Farewell  “Tot Ziens” –  Timo, Nick and Pim. Your help and good company was very much appreciated.







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