February 2021 – Aft Decks

It’s been awhile since I last wrote an update. Rather than attempt a full catch up to where I left off, here is some evidence of progress for February.

The main target has been to get the decks on this month. Well the fore deck is not yet fitted. My excuse, doing in my back on Friday 26th, the deck fitting was scheduled for the Saturday / Sunday. At least I’m back on my feet and a little more wary of swinging 8lb hammers around, not that my back has a history of playing up.

With the side decks already fitted the first job was to complete the scarf cut, deliberately left incomplete to protect the plywood edge. A fairly easy job using a multitool and the scarf already cut 90%. Then a tidy up with, yes as usual a 4″ grinder and 36grit disc.

Prior to fitting the aft decks the cockpit sides which also form the aft buoyancy compartments and life raft locker and engine compartment sides were all fitted and tabbed into place. These longitudinal bulkheads also stiffen up the deck stepped mizzen bulkhead, I’ll catch up on this in a further blog.

Meanwhile the decks have been cut and dry fitted and the joining scarfs cut after double double checking I have the scarf on the correct side. Then a liberal line of glue on the bond surfaces, before lifting the panels into the approximate location with temporary supports.

The deck panel is now fastened to the sheer shelf, bulkheads etc using wood screws, removed soon after cure.

The glue squeeze out is removed or shaped to form coves and the deck tabbed to the sheer shelf and bulkheads.

Meanwhile the engine bed layout has been squeezed into the engine compartment before fitting the stern tube.

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