Blog Update 2021 – 3 January 2022

Time flies as we arrive in 2022 and the final part of the journey to the Golden Globe Race Start on 4 September 2022 begins. Now the boat must be finished, equipment identified, sourced and bought, on a non-existent budget! Mandela’s words “it always seems impossible until it’s done” are so applicable. Looking back to the start of the build in 2016 I find it very hard to believe I’ve actually built the Suhaili Replica.

I began building with a few hundred dollars in my pocket and plenty of enthusiasm. Even though my pockets are ever lighter the dream is finally becoming a reality after many hours of hard work, kind donations of time, money, materials. I love looking at the boat, it’s turning out so well, really crazy. A great result from hours of research, hard work and very much appreciated support.          

My path to the Golden Globe Race 2022 start has many obstacles yet to overcome. Time is so short. Should I withdraw now from the GGR 2022 when my Suhaili Replica boat is at last coming together?  It all seems impossible, but this project has always been impossible, and there is no good reason to stop the impossible!

Regarding boat building…

I’m so disappointed the first high build primer is not yet on. I really wanted this done before Christmas. But, it won’t be long now! The lower bumpkin recesses are completed, the composite gudgeons only need their cover laminate, and the sheer radius needs just a final tweak. Then the boat will turn white as the primer goes on. A decent finish is the least I can do for my supporters.   

It’s now only weeks to the topsides paint to be followed by the much anticipated roll-over.

After painting, and before roll-over whilst waiting for the paint to harden, there are a few unfinished tasks that include: finishing the hull to deck tapes, bilge coating, GRP solids for mizzen forestay chainplates, exhaust and bilge pumping plumbing, cockpit sole fit-up, tabbing bunk fronts and cabin sole, coating the water tanks. Quite a bit to get through in the next few weeks.

Fair winds


January – Drilling the 3” (75mm) cockpit drain holes.
January – Drain fitted up.
February – Side decks on
February – Cleaning up the deck scarf join.
February – Deck panel ready for glue and fit-up.
February – Side Deck on and Mizzen Chainplate GRP solid.
February – Engine template fitting.
March – Fore deck ready for fitting.
March – Fore deck with glue applied.
March – Fitting-up the fore deck, a tight squeeze.
April – Faring the hull planking with ballast keel pattern roughed-out.
April – Sanding preparation for the outer GRP skin.
May – Day out with Flying Fish Sailing School for GGR Media.
June – Strip down the Windpilot wind vane.
June – GRP cockpit drains fitted.
June – Bumpkin and emergency rudder conceptual design.
June – Outer skin progressing.
July – Fitting the stern tube.
July – Outer Skin.
July – Outer Skin.
July – Hydralign feathering propeller fitted up.
July – Hanging on, the outer skin.
July – Trudesign plumbing fittings arrive.
August – Used Beta engine found.
August – Outer skin.
August – Fill and Fair begins.
August – Food trials, my version of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s bully beef curry.
September – Outer skin mostly done.
September – Cockpit sole dry fit.
September – Growing Sprouts.
October – Backstay web frame.
October – Fore stay chain plate flat.
October – Engine beds fitted up.
October – Engine beds glassed in.
October – Fill And Fair
October – Roughing out the exhaust 50mm ball valve location.
October – Dry fitting the bunk fronts.
November – Roughing out the bumpkin recess.
November – Roughing out the bumpkin recess.
November – Single skin transition for bumpkin recess.
November – Recess moulding fitted.
November – Fill and fair progressing.
December – Ready for single skin laminate.
December – Friendly neighbour, Greg, puts in many hours helping with fairing.
December – Composite Gudgeons, Cockpit Drain and Bumkin Recess.
December – Composite Gudgeon dressed and ready for cover laminate.

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