A Boat to sail against Suhaili

hornos2– Swoop Patagonia

If you must sail the Southern Ocean single-handed taking part in the Golden Globe Race 2018 and become a Cape Horner then you will need a good seaworthy boat. And if you can’t afford a new old boat then you may need to buy an old boat and fix it up to take on the rigours of the voyage, or build Suhaili Replica. Suhaili is an Eric, despite Sir Robin Knox- Johnston’s affection the Eric was neither his first choice for the slim fast ocean family cruiser that was built in India to sail home to UK and be sold, nor the fast cheap robust seaworthy Colin Mudie design he wanted for the 1968  Sunday Times Golden Globe Race.  On looking at the Eric plans RKJ accepted that this was a sturdy seaworthy craft, and after sailing back home from India via the Cape of Good Hope he had no doubts about Suhaili’s ability as a good sound ocean cruiser. Accepting that she was not a fast boat but would have to do for his entry  for Sunday Times Golden Globe Race was she was what he had. Because I will sail against Suhaili’s times, I need an Eric.

suhaili-oil– Stock Photo – Suhaili rounding Cape Horn, January 17th, 1969. Oil on canvas, 30″ x 18″, 1993. Private collection. Copyright © 1993. A.D Blak

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