Eric csp 1

Eric CSP is a composite strip plank on plywood bulkhead version of the William Atkins Eric Design. See ERIC page for more information on the original design. The main intent is to reduce construction time and materials cost.

There are environmental benefits in the use of more sustainable timber such as western red cedar for the planking, instead of a tropical hardwood such as teak.

Further the construction method results in a reduction in structural weight. A lead ballast keel replaces the original iron. The higher density of the lead results in a heavier ballast keel and compensates for the lighter hull structure, but also increases the ballast ratio, righting moment and sail carrying ability in the same wind strength.

The strip planks are not only glued together they also have approximately 2.5mm of epoxy/ skin outside and inside creating a very tough bonded monocoque composite structure.

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