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William Nutting the editor for the Motor Boat Magazine became interested in Scandinavian double ender in 1915.

These boats were used by the fishermen through out the year in the waters around Lofoten Islands which at 62N lies above the Artic circle off the Norwegian Coast.


By User:Michael Haferkamp – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

He later resolved to own one. He realised that a cruiser along these lines would not be fast, but felt that there was little doubt of the seaworthiness of the type as they had been used by the islanders for centuries. 

Nutting with his friend Art Hildenbrand  presented William Atkins with the lines of a 47’ Colin Archer Design Art had found in E Kebles Chatterton’s Fore and Aft Craft.  A tentative Arrangement Plan for a 32 foot version drawn up by Nutting was also given to Atkins.

lines of norwegian lifeboat
Lines of a 47’ Colin Archer Design
eric arangement
Tentative Arrangement Plan for a 32 foot version

A skeletal model was made and looked over from every angle. After consultation with John Alden ( a designer whose 47’ Malabar IV schooner  had recently won the Newport – Bermuda Race (1923) there was agreement that the forward sections should be spaced out to fine the lines forward to improve windward performance.



47’ Malabar IV schooner – PPL

The brief as presented to William Atkin:

  • Scale the Colin Archer 47’ lines to 32’
  • Fine the forward body by spacing the forward sections to improve windward performance
  • Cutter Rig (original Colin Archer design that was copied was a Ketch)
  • Small engine installed below the cockpit well
  • Accommodation based on tentative interior plan
  • By implication to retain the seaworthiness of the type


Atkin. William – Of Yachts and Men
Chatterton. E Kebles – Fore and Aft Craft


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