pingu PINGO – is a somewhat foolhardy penguin. He has a long beak that is essentially flat at the bottom but slightly rounded on the top and a head that is wider and taller. He often persuades Pingu to do wild and silly things with him.   


projectPROJECT – a temporary endeavour to create a unique product or service.


I have adopted the Pingo character for this project and modified the Wikipedia description to ” Pingo, a somewhat foolhardy penguin who persuades to do wild and silly things”. And this perfectly describes the essence of this project.

In a perfect world we manage projects by applying time and resources to each phase of designing the Eric CSP, building the Eric CSP, training the Skipper, equipping the boat for the GGR 2018, sailing the 300 day non stop race. And PMBOK cheerfully lists the phases as:

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring and Controlling
  5. Closing

We can define the project scope and do the estimates and if there is no funding then we have a  Pingo Project.  And a somewhat foolhardy penguin persuades to do wild and silly things.

It seems that some noteworthy projects have been of the Pingo variety. Despite an unachievable objective, a start is made and slowly obstacles are overcome and the objective realised. This can be a lonely journey. Conversely many well planned and funded projects have failed spectacularly. And so as the somewhat foolhardy penguin my underfunded project has on paper little change of success. Time will tell.

Time is precious, as one gets older each hour becomes more valuable and time is not to be wasted. The GGR 2018 is the catalyst for delving into the elements of sailing single handed around the world, each aspect is so interesting and the investigations so enjoyable that this aspect would be sufficient in its own right. The race allows only one design to be built, this being the Suhaili Replica, designing a modern composite strip planked version has been hugely satisfying. I have been able to start building after a good friend provided financial assistance, the creative process and achieving a tangible result is also so enjoyable. So each step of the path to participation in the GGR 2018 is a dream come true.




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