– A somewhat foolhardy penguin who persuades to do wild and silly things-

My Pingo Project has adopted Pingo as he is easily recognised and epitomises the project. He has a long beak that is essentially flat at the bottom but slightly rounded on the top and a head that is wider and taller. He often persuades Pingu  to do wild and silly things with him.


  • Suhm-wuh t foo-lish can imply anything from slightly unwise to quite ill-considered, and in relation to this project, each to their own. Sailing alone around the world for 300 days in the most inaccessible and hostile seas does sound a bit wild and silly, what is the point anyway?

  • Penguins are tubby little fellows which remind me so much of the Eric, real birds of the sea. They all live in the southern hemisphere which is still a great place to be. The gentoo penguins are the fastest swimming of all birds with speeds up to 22mph and penguins the most aquatic of all sea birds.


– Photo credit: Christopher Michel



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