Putting on weight

With only a few more sleeps to the start of the GGR 2018 from Les Sables d’Olonne, there is a  lot of activity as skippers make final preparations.

See  facebook.com/goldengloberace .

It is with mixed feelings that I am watching the event unfold. But I made the right decision and in four years time I hope to have Pingo completed and ready for the GGR 2022.

Progress = Weight

BHD rep

With most bulkheads tabbed in there is good progress with the hull shell gaining weight, now estimated at 911kg with all bulkheads. This includes the internal skin in the forward and aft compartments, i.e. about 15% of the internal skin completed. In the last few weeks about 150kg of laminate and filler has been applied for backing laminates, coves and tabbing. The drawing below shows the different reinforcement types and where these are to be applied. Water tight bulkheads get an extra layer and the forward compartment has an additional woven fibre layer for improved collision protection. A chock for the  propeller cutaway is also shown.


Looking forward, Bulkhead #1 tabbing completed and #2 bonded only. The snail trails on the lefthand side is excess glue, to be removed, from dowel repairs to the approximate 1000 screw holes.


Looking through the Access Hatch hole in Bulkhead #1 with Stem tabbed in and forward internal laminate completed. Yes I do fit through this hole, just!


Then looking aft through Bulkhead #5 with Bulkheads # 6 to #10 all tabbed in. Bulkhead #11 is lose and ready to be bonded.


And the Aft Compartment with propeller chock installed, ready for cove and tapes.


Bulkheads # 3 and #4 will be installed after the Mast Step. But first a bit of fairing in preparation for the outer skin laminate….


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